Principal Weekly Newsletter (2/15/2019)

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

Attention: There will be NO classes this Saturday, EXCEPT: Writing classes, and Robotic classes.

All students will participate in Culture Showcase and Chinese New Year celebration activities.

为庆祝 2019 猪年春节,丰富我校以及社区生活,推广中国文化,继成功举办春晚后,我校将举办中国文化展示和游艺活动。
时间: 2019 年 2 月 16 日星期六 2 点–5 点





报名方式: 请到办公室填表报名

Please pay attention to below items:

We did not send out any email about payment status. If you received this type of email, it must be spam or phishing email, please delete immediately.

- About Registration
1. Registration policy is posted online. Please read carefully before withdrawing classes.
2. Refund check is available and can be picked up at school.

- About Parent Duty
Each parent duty is TWO hours long. If there is no other task going on, the parent on duty should patrol in the hallway to ensure a quiet and safe education environment. If there is any incident (for example, somebody spills water on the floor), please report to school admin team immediately.

- Please see attached information for United Way donation. If you happen to donate via your company to United Way, please support us. Your support is greatly appreciated!

- If you want to purchase anything from, you can use "amazonsmile" instead. It's same Amazon company, you pay same price, and amazonsmile will donate 0.5% of your purchase to Huaxia Chinese School at Montgomery. Below is how to access amazonsmile:
From our school web site click amazonsmile icon from right side of the web page, the amazonsmile for HXCSMG is launched in a new tab, you place your order as usual, very simple. Thanks for your support to HXCSMG!

Thank you,

Vivian Wang
Huaxia Chinese School at Montgomery


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