Principal Weekly Newsletter (9/7/2018)

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

Hope you had a nice summer beak. Tomorrow is the first day of the Chinese School. The Chinese Classes will start at 1:30 pm.

Please pay attention to the following items:

- No Culture classes for both kids and adults on the first day of school;

- School admin team members will be available in the cafeteria to help on any questions/issues related to registration, etc.

About Registration:
1. Continue registration at school. Parents can turn in registration printout with payment during school hours.

2. On the first day,text books will be distributed by the teacher to the registered students with payment received. After the first school day, all books will be picked up at office.

3. Registration policy is posted online. Please read carefully before withdrawing classes.

About Parent Duty:
Please find parent duty sign-up link on our school web site.

You can sign up either regular school day duty or event duty. Many parents already signed up, we appreciate your quick action. If you didn't sign up yet, please do so when you get chance. Thanks.

Message from PTA:

Wish you all have a wonderful school year!

Vivian Wang
Huaxia Chinese School at Montgomery